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A portable one-touch sterilizer that evenly distributes UV-C rays to completely dry and eliminate 99.99% of bacteria on household items. Completed the Mask Disinfection Test Certification by KATR(Korea Analysis Test Research Institute), KLISTEM has been tested to have excellent sterilization fuction against bacteria and viruses, helping not only protect skin, but also remove the smell of masks, and make it comfortable to use repeatedly.


Klistem, a portable sterilizer, uses UV-C light users to eradicate 99.99% of bacteria on their reusable bottles or other household items. A recent study conducted by New Jersey-based EmLab P&K reported over 300,000 bacteria colonies in a typical reusable water bottle, which is more than what a household toilet harbors. The lingering stench on reusable bottles is caused by this remaining bacteria that cannot be cleaned with soap and water.


Does KLISTEM really work?

KLISTEM is perfect for

Multi-functional Try

With the multi-functional tray, you can sanitize household items such as your toothbrush, razor, earphones, etc. It is especially crucial for newborn mothers who want to protect their babies' sensitive immune system.

Extensible Tray

Use the extensible try to easily sanitize larger bottles!



Perfect sterilization

Because UV-C sanitation is only effective upon contact, it is essential that rays completely reach the inside of the bottle. However, with the top-to-bottom design of current sanitation products on the market, UV-C rays are not fully distributed and are blocked by shadows. This means your bottles are not being sanitized properly. But with Klistem’s light source being at the bottom, UV-C rays are able to fully target the entire inside of your bottle, maximizing sanitation.


To ensure proper sanitation, it is important to remove all moisture within bottles. But current UV-C sanitation products do not properly ventilate the bottom or irregular crevices of bottles, leaving water droplets in these areas. On the other hand, Klistem’s drying system requires the bottle to stand upside down, with the air source being at the bottom. In effect, gravity pulls the water droplets to the bottom, while the breeze dries out any moisture left inside the bottle.

KLISTEM_Drying system


You like your reusable bottle, but not the stench? No matter how thoroughly you clean your bottle, the smell lingers. This is caused by the remaining bacteria that cannot be eliminated simply with soap and water. Now with complete bacteria removal, your bottles will not only be clean, but also deodorized!

Easy operation

To use Klistem, simply remove the lid and gently push down the bottle. After just 2 minutes, your bottle is both sanitized and dried!

Automatic power control

Do not worry about your bottle tipping over. As a company that prioritizes safety, Klistem will shut off as soon as the bottle is removed from place.


You can use Klistem anywhere, anytime with a 5-pin USB cable and a USB port. You can even connect it to your computer!

LED indicator

The colored LED light at the bottom of the product allows you to track the progress of sanitation, and gives a subtle ambiance to the room.

Mask Disinfection Test Certified

KLISTEM is the only device that has been certified for testing mask germs by KATR(Korea Analysis Test Researcher) in South Korea. According to the test results, three dominant bacteria such as staphylococcus, escherichia coli, and pseudomonas aeruginosa decreased dramatically after the mask had been placed on the UV radiation part of the sterilizer. This product passed not only strict domestic test, but also Swiss SGS certification, U.S. FCC certification and China CVC certification, and has recently acquired European CE certification which recognizes its ability to sterilize viruses.

Light and compact


  • Power consumption: 5W
  • Rated voltage: DC 5V, 1.5A
  • Body part size: 4.3x4.3x5.7 inches (110x110x145mm)
  • Multi-Functional Try size: 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.9 inches (95x95x100mm)
  • Extensible Tray size: 4.3x4.3x1.1 inches (110x110x28mm)
  • Body part weight: 9.5OZ (270g)
  • Multi-Functional Tray weight: 3.8OZ (108g)
  • Extensible Tray weight: 1.3OZ (36g)
  • Sterilization method: UV-C lamp
  • Material: Acrylonitrille Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • Color: White
  • Includes: KLISTEM, Multi-functional try, Extensible Tray, USB Cable, Manual

*Imporant Shipping Notice

1. Due to disruption from COVID-19 and potential shipping carrier delays, we are currently experiencing delays globally which will impact the delivery of items from our Korean warehouse. We ask for your patience during this time. We continue to reassess the situation, and will inform you of further updates as soon as possible. 

2. Please note that KLISTEM product is not available to the USA and Canada on Deliveredstore due to its exclusive sales right of third-parties within the countries.

*Pre-order Notice

The delivery of this product will start 1 week after the above mentioned pre-order period.



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[PRE-ORDER] Klistem : UV-C Light Technology Kills 99.99% of Bacteria
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